International Geneva

Every day, key decisions that save or improve people's lives are taken in Geneva. These are often not reported in the international media’s headlines but they make a crucial difference for their beneficiaries nonetheless.

Geneva is the place where humanitarian relief for victims of floods, earthquakes or conflicts is coordinated; where responses to environmental challenges are devised; where the fight against deadly diseases is coordinated. It offers victims of abuse, torture and violence forums to be heard and seek redress. Governments come here to negotiate key agreements in the fields of trade, disarmament and conflicts. Regulatory frameworks for telecommunications and the protection of innovations are developed and implemented in this major cooperation platform.


Facts and Figures

Key facts and figures about Geneva: from its international sector to its economy, population, accommodation and transport.

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Geneva-based international organizations explain who they are with some key figures.


Discover, through 15 examples, how key decisions taken from Geneva have saved and improved people's life.


From the first centre of multilateral diplomacy that emerged at the end of the 19th century, Geneva became the largest one today.

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The stories behind its International Geneva architecture and ongoing building projects.

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